MAAX Collection Performance Series

MAAX Collection Brochure
MAAX Spas 451 3 person hot tub

Model 451

Three person hot tub with dual speed pump featuring industrial duty 56 frame motor and lounge with Foot Relief Zone™.

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MAAX Spas 461

Model 461

Full body immersion, barrier free seating, deeper Zone Therapy seating and a lounge.

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Maax Spas 470 large deep hot tub

Model 470

Large and deep with seating for six. You can enjoy quiet conversation among friends.

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Maax Spas 471 with lounge and foot jets

Model 471

Perfect for families. Performance lounge with a Foot Relief Zone. There are two Comfort Collars and a Zone Therapy™ feature.

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Maax Spas 472 calf jets and neck jets

Model 472

A lounge with Foot Relief Zone, a lounge with Calf Relief, one Zone Therapy bucket seat with Comfort Collar and comfortable seating for five.

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Maax Spas 480 large deep hot tub

Model 480

Large and Deep. It offers six barrier-free seats, two Comfort Collars and a variety of jet patterns.

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Maax Spas 481 hot tub with shiatsu jets and lounge

Model 481

Shiatsu Seat, Zone Therapy Seat and a performance lounge with Foot Relief Zone.

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Maax Spas 482 hot tub with foot jets and full coverage back jets

Model 482

The unique design offers a conversation area. Lounge with Foot Relief Zone, lounge with Calf Zone and Zone Therapy Seat offer relief to both the upper and lower parts of the feet and back.

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Maax Spas 811 large deep exercise hot tub

Model 811

Large and deep spa seats 6. The over sized footwell allows plenty of space for exercising. Perfect for the entire family or those who demand the ultimate home spa experience.

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Maax Spas 880 hot tub

Model 880

Features three two speed pumps. Seating for 5-6 adults with a variety of jetting arrays to meet different hydrotherapy needs.

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Maax Spas 881 hot tub with lounge and foot jets

Model 881

Three dual speed pumps power the multiple hydrotherapy jet configurations. Comfort Collar, lounge, Zone Therapy seat, shiatsu seat and a foot dome.

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Maax Spas 982 large deep exercise hot tub

Model 982

Eleven feet long and 38 inches deep with seating for 8. Features two lounges, three dual speed pumps and large footwell.

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