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elite spas

Elite Spas feature different combinations of nine types of hydrotherapy jets designed to provide you with a variety of relaxing experiences all in the convenience of your backyard retreat.

The principles of hydrotherapy are based on full body immersion creating buoyancy and relieving pressure, combined with heat to increase circulation.

Your new Elite spa takes hydrotherapy to the next level with jetting systems engineered for a variety of therapeutic massage techniques.

Optional starting on the 5100 hot tub, the Elite Spas control app is available through iTunes, the App Store, or Google Play. Search “Elite Spas - spa control”. Control the temperature, change filter cycles to save money or turn on the jets and lights before slipping into the soothing waters.

Elite Spas Brochure

Elite Spas

Elite Spas 4100 by MAAX Spas


Seating for 6. Lounge with a foot relief station.

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Elite Spas 4200 by MAAX Spas


Features two industrial duty 56 frame pumps with lower amp draw to reduce operating costs.

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Elite Spas 4300 by MAAX Spas


LS Adjustable Directional Jets provide a powerful deep massage to relieve pain and tension in the muscles and connective tissue. Flow rate can be adjusted with a simple twist.

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Elite Spas 4400 by MAAX Spas


Seats 6-7. Large 38 inch deep hot tub is perfect for a big family or comfortable conversation between friends.

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Elite Spas 4600 by MAAX Spas


LS jets and a lounge with a foot relief station that is designed to relax the entire body by increasing circulation via points on the foot that correspond to every body part.

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Elite Spas 5100 by MAAX Spas


Seats 3. Hydrotherapy jet arrays include LS Adjustable jets and XL Adjustable Jets for a custom massage to soothe aches and pains.

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Elite Spas 7000 by MAAX Spas


Features a lounge, foot relief, neck relief and BackMAAx jet array.

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Elite Spas 7500 by MAAX Spas


Spacious design with seating for 6-7. ChromaTherapy lighting is an array of 1 inch lights producing a color to target a specific energy center of the body to promote balance and healing.

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Elite Spas 8000 by MAAX Spas


BackMAAX features six jets strategically placed to cover the entire back. Every jets is fully adjustable. The BackMAAX seat is extra deep for full body immersion.

Elite Spas 8500 by MAAX Spas


Open design seating for 6-7. The illuminated waterfalls are beautiful to look at as well as soothing when the water cascades around your neck, shoulders and back.

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Elite Spas 9000 by MAAX Spas


Seats 5. The only model that features two lounges with foot relief stations.

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Elite Spas Elite Supreme by MAAX Spas

The ES

Loaded with all the hydrotherapy jetting arrays and the MP3 Bluetooth Music system with a subwoofer that lets you feel the music.

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