Model R51

Maax Spas R51 hot tub for sale

Seating for three that includes a lounge.
The perfect hot tub for patios, decks and smaller backyards.

  • Seats 3
  • Depth: 30.5"
  • Total Jets: 19
  • Dimensions: 66" x 83"
  • Weight (Empty/Full): 510lbs/2070lbs
  • Average Water Capacity: 195 gallons

MAAX Spas are the world's first appliance grade hot tub; quiet, safe, durable and completely serviceable.

The Steel Sub-Structure carries an ownership lifetime warranty.

  • Lounge
  • Head cushion
  • 2 Drinkholders
  • Illuminated Diverters
  • Illuminated Spa Controls
  • Freeze/Overheat Protection System
  • Steel Sub-Structure
  • Molded Pan Bottom
  • Northern Exposure® Insulation System
  • DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry
  • 3.5" Underwater Light
  • Interior Digital Color Optic Lighting
  • Programmable Filter Cycles
  • ClearMAAX® Filtration System (2x50 sqft.)
  • Industrial duty two-speed Pump featuring Direct Drive Motor;   3HP/5.9 bHP/240V
    Motors and pumps are isolated and insulated for the lowest possible operating sound levels.
  • Electrical Requirement:   (4-wire) 240V/40amp/50amp
  • Electrical Requirement with AeroMAAX blower option:   (4-wire) 240V 50amp

Optional Features

  • CleanZone™ System
  • AeroMAAX® Blower with 10 Air Jets
  • Stainless Steel Jets
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

MAAX R-Series