Model 481

MAAX Spas 481 hot tub for sale

Extra space and an oversized footwell ensure additional room to stretch.

The MAAX Collection 481 is large and deep. The therapy package is designed for the ultimate spa experience.

  • Seats 6
  • Depth: 38"
  • Total Jets: 52
  • Dimensions: 91.5" x 91.5"

MAAX Spas are the world's first appliance grade hot tub; quiet, safe, durable and completely serviceable.

The Comfort Collar™ is a unique cushion that supports your neck and cradles your head while adjustable cyclone jets massage neck and shoulder muscles.

The ingenious Foot Relief Zone™ targets the upper and lower parts of the feet with streams of water that provide soothing relief for sore and tired feet.

Shiatsu "Acupressure" Massage Seat features Shiatsu jetting that promotes an invigorating deep tissue massage using 12 pinpoint placed jets to energize and restore the body.

  • Shiatsu "Acupressure" Massage Seat
  • Single Lounge
  • Foot Relief Zone
  • Zone Therapy Seat
  • 2 Comfort Collars
  • 3 Head Cushions
  • Molded Grab Bar
  • Aurora Cascade Water Feature
  • 3 Illuminated Drinkholders
  • Illuminated Spa Controls
  • SmartTouch Controls
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 3.5" Underwater Light
  • ChromaTherapy
  • Digital Color Optic Interior Lighting
  • Stainless Steel Accent Package
  • Programmable Filter Cycles
  • Steel Sub-Structure
  • Northern Exposure® Insulation System
  • DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry
  • Weight (Empty/Full): 785lbs/4425lbs
  • Average Water Capacity: 417 gallons
  • 2 Industrial duty dual-speed Pumps featuring Direct Drive Motors;   3.0HP/5.9bHP/240V
    Motors and pumps are isolated and insulated for the lowest possible operating sound levels.
  • Electrical Requirements:   (4-wire) 240V/40amp/60amp

Optional Features

  • CleanZone™ System
  • CleanZone II™ System with UV Light
  • MP3/Bluetooth Music System
  • X-Series Collar
  • Pedestal Lights
  • AeroMAAX™ Plus
    (1.5HP 1-Speed Blower and 10 Air Jets)
  • Dynamic Jet Sequencer